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3 Days, 20 Hours

Students are required to pass a theoretical exam and flight review before a certificate is issued. Course cost $445.


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Drone Training

I came from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan just to receive my advanced drone training from Sugu. That’s how far their reputation reaches. I’ve emerged from this program with my proper advanced certification as well as receiving outstanding one-on-one mentorship. I highly recommend this program. I encourage anyone who wants to fly a drone, or already flies, to take this course, upgrade your knowledge and skills and be ready for the June 1, 2019 regulations which will affect drone flight in Canada.

Christina Chearnsky
Sugu Drone Training

I just completed my training with Soreign Jackson, and have passed both Small Advanced Exam and Flight Review. The learning experience is amazing and the course is very informative. I highly recommend Sugu Drones!

Trumen Chen

Great course for anyone looking to pass their advanced exam and in-person flight review. The course is broken into small 30min to 1hr segments followed by practice quizzes. The class sizes are really small and our instructor Soreign really took the time help us 1 on 1 if we were struggling. In the ground school class we were shown how to coordinate with Navcan and DJI, plan our flights, maintain proper records, best safety practices, and practice emergency procedures. Best part was getting to fly right next to Pearson Airport! I will definitely be back again for my recency requirements.

Riley Snelling

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