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    Questions & Answers

    The ground school kit is $269, and you can find it on

    Supplies & study material can be purchased at but are not manditory. All material is provided electronically upon sign up. The additional ground school kit includes items such as your map, pilot logbook, and more for flying once you are certified. As an advisory the ground school kit is recommended not required.

    We usually stop processing enrollments 8 hours prior class start, but if you are interested I would suggest registering as soon as possible so we can forward the course material as soon as possible.

    Yes. Our course is the only 3 day accelerated course in Canada which takes you from having zero experience to having a license.

    No, we will provide a drone during our training class.

    Our drone training class is $300, and $145 for the flight review if you do our ground school a total of $445 total .

    Our advanced certification course is 2 days of in class training, on Saturday & Sunday with flight reviews conducted on the Monday. The course syllabus includes online components, 2 days of in person theory with your advanced exam written on the Sunday.  Following the completion of your advanced exam flight reviews will be conducted on Monday. Students wishing to conduct there flight reviews at a later date may do so by advising there instructor. 

    We take all major credit cards, all payments are processed securely through our online interface. Additionally we can take payments over the phone via waveapps our digital payment provider.

    Commercial clients (payment terms):

    Vendors or commercial clients who have signed up to our course expressly agree a maximum of 30 days will be taken to pay outstanding debts or invoices. Net 30 Terms are only provided if discussed prior to sign up otherwise payment is due on receipt. Vendors or commercial clients who are in default will pay an interest rate of 3% a month on outstanding invoices.

    It takes approximately 10-15 hours before your payment is registered. Once complete the course link will be applied in your profile.

    Once your course is activated in your profile, refunds are not permissable. Thus you have 24 hours to submit your request before the course activates. If you are worried that you do not have time for the course our courses are valid in your profile for 1 year. Please read our full refund policy here:

    First you must enroll in our ground school, the duration of our course is 3 days + 1 day of flight training. The cost is $245 for ground school, and $200 for flight training and review a total of $445. Once you sign up, you will automatically be forwarded a link to obtain our ground school kit. Lastly at the end of our course you will obtain your advanced pilot certification.

    Yes, at Sugu we provide in Person and online live training. Here are the following steps to get started:

    1. Signup
    2. Complete our online modules & exams
    3. Complete live training (free) & write advanced exam (exit test)
    4. Write Transport Canada Exam
    5. Pre-flight Review: Practice on Sim
    6. Schedule Flight Review & Complete

    Please review course dates to sign up. If you would like one on one training we can also facilitate training based on your personal or corporate needs.

    Yes, our online advanced course is available via online self spaced study portal and included is free live online training at the completion of the course. Please be advised the course is only valid for 1 year.

    Yes, we do provide private or group training at no additional cost outside our regular course dates. Contact for more information.

    No, you will be responsible to pay the government of Canada $10 for the basic, $10 for the advanced and $25 for your flight review.

    Yes. At Sugu we take an assistive approach to learning if you are struggling we will automatically pair an instructor with you during your course date.

    If you are taking one of our online courses not to worry we are also available 24/7 by calling 1-888-FLY-SUGU

    Yes we offer GIS, Remote Sensing, drone design and build courses as well as public safety

    Please navigate to the bottom of your training page and select “Next Steps: In class training or live online appointment” you will be select your training date from there. Please be advised the course is only valid for 1 year.

    Yes. While we cannot provide a discount on the drone due to strict minimum advertised pricing we can certainly provide a discount on our course of up 10% if you buy your drone from us

    No, our course covers both basic and advanced principles to get you licensed. Furthermore, our course provides a modular approach to learning by being online and inclass.