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TDSB Drone Field Excursion


Student’s obtain hands on flight experience and technical knowledge in enterprise applications such as firefighting, aircraft inspections,agriculture,construction and machine learning.

Facilitated by mechanical engineers, airline pilots and firefighters, students actively engage in hands on drone flight to understand the area’s remote sensing, camera’s and smart systems. In addition a live demonstration of an aircraft mach burn will be provided.

Our course provides education and leadership in he areas of arts, guidance, science, technology and business. At Sugu we deploy the latest technology for education.

Our team is able to integrate a balanced approach in the areas of arts for photography, artificial intelligence for science, career guidance in job advisory services, and we enable kids to start there own business by informing them of the possibilities with limited funds.

We are able to help students visualize and bring ideas to fruition as a key industry stakeholder.


Safety Protocals: Emergency Services located on site (fire/ambulance).



Existing Approved Vendor:

Drone technology is rapidly advancing with multiple career opportunities and use cases. Sugu’s 1 day excursion covers both theoretical & practical training which actively engages students in the area of drones. Located off the 401 & Dixie, we offer a prime location which combines technology, and innovation to offer a truly inspiring experience. Our facility can hold up to 90 students in a single theater.

All instructors possess a level 3 Toronto Police Vulnerable Sectors Clearance.


Call 1-888-FLY-SUGU to inquire today!

Drone Flyer - Sugu Drones

Drone Flyer – Sugu Drones


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