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Remote Sensing Course Product


The course provides the fundamentals on the processing of drone photo’s through PIX4D & QGIS. Our course will ensure you reach the standard of accuracy with your reports, with practical and theoretical training components.

Topics of are course include:

  1. Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry techniques
  2. Data Workflows
  3. Learn how to create Orthomosaics, Contours, Point Clouds, & Digital Surface Models
  4. The usage of algorithms
  5. Cell phone drone applications
  6. Data quality verification processes

If you are gis technician, general contractor, drone pilot or just in an industry where drones are used this course is perfect for you. Our course provides a balance between beginner & advanced. Sign up today to start leveraging your drone data today.

Drones: Small equipment providing big results

To register or book please call: 1-888-FLY-SUGU Ext:1 or email



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