Drone Build & Code

Interested in our Drone Build & Code Course? View our Curriculums tab for additional information on course structure.

Facilitating Growth in Science Technology Engineering and Math.

Are you an educator responsible for your schools SHSM Program (specialist high skills major); well look no further.

Welcome to  PART 2 of  Sugu Drones; Drone Design & Build Course. In this course students will learn to build, code and fly there drone through scratch coding. View our curriculum’s tab for a break down of our course.

This course is meant to be completed in a 3 day sitting, with an average class time of 3.5 hours per day. Interested in progressing further?

If your educator who has taken our Drone Design and Build Program, this course provides a great opportunity to push boundaries further on student learning.

Ask your school teacher about our intermediate and advanced level courses facilitated by airline pilots, mechanical engineers and drone pilots. 

At SUGU we are proud to provide Drone STEM training to facilitate high level education.

Our mandate is “focused on giving young people the skills to think critically, dream boldly and chart new pathways”

Sign up for Drone STEM program to take your schools SHSM program to the next level. Dream boldly and think about engineering design process and solutions that your classroom can invent.

Introduction to Sugu Max 14 EDU Drone Programming with Scratch

Safety Implications
Connecting Sugu Max 14 to Scratch
Flight Fundamentals - Basics
Utilizing Scratch for Take Offs & Landings
Ascent & Descent
Forward & Backward
Using Scratch to Inspect
Free Flight

Advanced Sugu Max 14 Programming with Scratch

Elevating Squares with Nested Loops
Using the Polygon Equation with Variables
Understanding 3D Coordinates Using The Right Hand Rule
Flying Points on a Line Using Slope
Fly an Arc Pattern on the Horizontal X/Y Plane
Fly a Loop Pattern on the Vertical Plane
Orbiting Around a Center Point

This course includes the drone for educators

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Enrolled: 138 students
Duration: 3 days
Lectures: 15
Video: 12:00