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Buttonville Airport, 2833 16th Ave, Markham, ON L3R 0P8′ Class room 2 Course Duration: 3 Days Course Dates: Click Here For Dates  

Drone & UAV Training (SFOC)

Sugu’s drone & UAV training is perfect for students who want to obtain an SFOC, and learn how to operate there drone. Sugu’s pilot ground school provides the knowledge you need to begin flying in the unmanned aviation industry. Our training abides’s by Transport Canada’s Pilot Knowledge requirements and equips you with the tools you need for safe operation in Canadian airspace. Our course includes several certification standards which include obtaining an Industry Canada Restricted Radio Operators (ROC-A), and both a simulation based and practical flying standards test.

Training required to fly a drone under the exemptions

Drone & UAV Training Each exemption has specific training requirements. For example, to fly a drone that weighs above 1 kg, up to and including 25 kg, you must be trained to understand:
  • airspace classification and structure
  • weather and notice to airmen (NOTAM) reporting services
  • aeronautical charts and the Canada Flight Supplement
  • relevant sections of the Canadian Aviation Regulations
For more information, read the knowledge requirements for UAV (drone) pilots.

 Transport Canada:

About the Special Flight Operations Certificate

To use a drone of any size for work or research, you must:
  • hold a Special Flight Operations Certificate, or
  • qualify for one of two exemptions
You also need a Special Flight Operations Certificate if your drone weighs over 35 kg, even if it is used recreationally. Our infographic Do I need permission to fly my drone? will help you understand whether you need a certificate or if you qualify for an exemption. Each Special Flight Operations Certificate contains conditions for where and how to fly, such as:
  • how high you can fly
  • how close you can fly to people and property
  • what rules you must follow to share the airspace
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