Musa Gershuny

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With years of experience in aviation, Musa has worked in the unmanned and manned aviation sector. To date Musa has been charge of looking after NRC’s, and manufacturing staff within production and aviation. Musa ’s latest experience includes being an inspector at Bombardier.

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Antonio De La Cruz

Professors Advanced Drone Training & Pilot Skills 1-888-FLY-SUGU Ext 104

As the former owner of Drones plus, Mr. De La Cruz has piloted and trained on a wide multitude of DJI branded products. Mr. De La Cruz has over 450 hours on unmanned aircraft. Furthermore, with his knowledge in UAV’s Mr. De La Cruz is an asset to the team. Mr. De La Cruz also supports the role of Chief Technology Officer at Sugu. 

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Bryan Ho

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Experienced aviation and aerospace professional with a demonstrated history in both manned and unmanned aviation. Skilled in Flight Planning, Flight Testing, and Aircraft Performance. Currently working towards a Master’s Degree focused in Aerospace Engineering, specifically Applied Aerodynamics.

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